Birthday Bucket List

Another year of my life has indeed come and gone, and what a year twenty-four has been.  For my twenty-fifth birthday I decided it would be a good idea to finally write an official bucket list, so for the past year I’ve been jotting things down as I think of them.  Recently I narrowed it down to the following eleven.

  • Dive the Great Barrier Reef – Oh, the urgency! It’s going to be gone before my future kids are old enough to scuba dive.  And I’ve wanted to do this since I was a kid myself.
  • Take a floral design class – Four years in a row at Texas A&M I tried to register for flower arranging, but all those dang early registration worthy football players got there first.  One year I even called the professor!  It didn’t help.  When my turn finally comes around, my teacher is going to be impressed with my dedication.
  • Go bungee jumping and/or skydiving – When I studied abroad in Europe I signed up to go bungee jumping and then chickened out.  I’ve regretted that decision ever since, and someday I’ll make up for it.
  • Go on a spur of the moment trip – The jet setting lifestyle I lead in Ethiopia once allowed me to walk into the Ethiopian Air office and say “I need to book the next flight to Mekele.”  While that was a bit of a rush, I’m thinking larger scale.  Oh, you don’t have anything to do this week either? Want to go diving in Australia?
  • Explore Southeast Asia – Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam occupy the top four spots on my “list.” This one is a no brainer.
  • Own a piece of this Earth – I’ve always looked forward to my first Earth purchase.  I can’t imagine that there’s a greater feeling than standing on a piece of land that actually belongs to you.  Until you realize you just signed a thirty-year mortgage.  I guess I’ll just have to get over my fear of debt to mark this one off the list.
  • Visit the Amazon – Like the Barrier reef, the Amazon doesn’t have much longer.  I imagine the beauty to be astounding.  The biodiversity, the wilderness, the only remaining unexplored places on Earth…so cool!
  • Participate in a protest – I want to stand up for something I passionately believe in with others who have similar views.  My sign might read something like “Stop cutting down the Amazon because I haven’t gone there yet!”
  • Live in a city – I’m twenty-five years old and the largest “city” I’ve ever lived in was College Station, with a whopping population of 90,000.  I need to experience how half of the world’s population lives!
  • Celebrate a new year in Tonga –Tonga is the Eastern most landmass, meaning that if you stand on the East side of the island late on December 31st, you could be the first person in the WHOLE WORLD to welcome a new year.  That’s just awesome. I’ll admit, this one is a little far fetched, but believe me when I say it’s going to happen.
  • Ride in a fighter jet – I hate flying, but somehow I know I would love flying if it were in a fighter jet.  Also, Top Gun is my favorite movie.

Yikes, it’s a pretty extensive (and super expensive) to-do list.  I better get started soon.


7 comments on “Birthday Bucket List

  1. Kris Mcguckin says:

    Happy Birthday Katheryn! Have fun & good luck this year, a new chapter is approaching:-))

  2. Malinda Hoerster says:

    They had a protest in DC taking down the barriers that blocked the memorials. I would have loved to be involved in that one! Your list sounds a lot like mine besides the bungee jumping. Lets do it together.

  3. NIcky Immel says:

    Happy Birthday katheryn!!!      I love your bucket list!   Hurray for your fun desires!   Love, Nicky


  4. Jean Rostron says:

    I think one of the top things on your mom’s bucket list is “Get Katheryn home!” ….then you can go jet-setting…

  5. Debbie Engler says:

    Live for those dreams. I have experienced some of your bucket list, so I smiled as I read it. Go for it…serving in the Peace Corps definitely is on many a bucket list and you have experienced that.

  6. Kim says:

    Happy B-day. Loved reading your list. I am all for last min. trips that I can plein air at.

  7. Keith K. says:

    Im 61 years old and have done everything own your bucket list when I was your age I never knew that I was goin to get to experiance all those people places and things the fighter jet was a f4 phantom one thing I would ad Is the jump of my life off the top of the stratosphere in Las Vegas I did that at 59 years old never end that bucket list Keith K . Luling tx

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