The Last Weeks

Hello, friends!  As my weeks in Ethiopia are dwindling, I’ve been wrapping up projects, enjoying time with friends and doing a lot of cleaning, organizing and packing.  Slowly but surely my house is returning to the prison-like cell it was before I made it a home.  Each day another person asks when I’m leaving and each day it sinks in a little more that I’m going home so soon.

Last week Belaynesh threw me a wonderful “well-go” party to celebrate the completion of my time in Atsbi.  We had all of the traditional Ethiopian celebration components – dorowat, alcohol, loud Tigrinia music, dancing and a coffee ceremony.  It warmed my heart to see so many of the friends I’ve made over the last two years all together in one place.  During the party my landlady took it upon herself to formally invite me back to Ethiopia for the baptism of my first child; obviously she thinks it’s time for me to get on with my life!

For such a celebration, I was up early the next morning and off to join the TigrayTrek282 crew.  This awesome group of PCVs ran 282 kilometers (175 miles) across the region in eight days, all in the name of HIV/AIDS awareness and education.  They are so awesome!  I was proud to spend one day running with them and another cheering them on as they completed leg after leg of the grueling run.  They finished the trek on Thursday after having run almost eight marathons in a row and holding the same number of educational sessions for kids and teens all across the region.

I’m back in Atsbi now for a few more days before saying goodbye for good.  While I’m trying to focus on the “here and now” during my remaining time in Ethiopia, it’s difficult to do so with thoughts of Thanksgiving, football and fall weather crowding my head.  I’m very much looking forward to going home, but as each day passes I realize more and more that the Ethiopia portion of my life is one that I’ll miss dearly in the future.

Stay tuned for my final post!

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4 comments on “The Last Weeks

  1. Melinda Ward says:

    Love the jumping picture and am going to miss your posts when you return. What’s the next adventure?

  2. Kris says:

    Dear Katheryn,
    Going to so miss reading your blog. It was reading your blog, your thoughts, observations, & adventures that enabled me to want that for Evan.
    I’m happy for you, you seem ready to go & I hope you do a follow up blog once you get home so we know your safe. & sound, kind of a closure.
    Coming home for Thanksgiving, how awesome for you & your family. Then after the celebration you get some Black Friday shopping done…nothing will shock you back to reality than that chaos!
    I’ve been reading your blog since March, thank you for everything

  3. Jo Ann Cannon says:

    How happy you make me to read about everything you have done. You are a very special young lady….

  4. Debbie Engler says:

    Proud of you, Kathryn. The Peace Corps has changed you forever. Thank you for serving your country by being a volunteer. The peace of the Lord be with you during this transition.

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